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On-Campus Private Bus Stop Application

License Agreement Application

This application is intended for private entities requesting access to the Texas State University San Marcos campus, as part of a courtesy apartment shuttle service between an apartment complex (Property) and the campus, specifically for embarking and debarking of riders.

If multiple Properties, regardless of ownership, are to be served by the same shuttle, route, or combination thereof, each property must submit a separate application, license agreement, and payment to the University.

Costs are per vehicle per route.

Property Owner Information:

Property owner refers to the individual or entity that owns and manages the specific apartment complex referred to in this application, and is authorized to enter into agreements for the property.  Company Representative must be an employee of the Property Owner.

Corporate Address

Company Contact Information

Company Representative

Property Information:

Property refers to a residential building or a group of buildings that is owned, managed, or advertised as a distinct apartment complex.

Property Address

Transit Operator:

The private entity that will be providing transportation services between the Property and the TXST San Marcos campus.

Transit Operator Company Representative

Transit Operator Corporate Address

Vehicle Information:

Vehicle ADA accessible: *
Vehicle Type: *
Vehicle Fuel Type: *

Operation Schedule:

Days of Operation: *
Select all that apply

Stop Locations and Access Route

All locations must be coordinated and authorized by Transportation Services prior to the start of service. 

On-Campus Stop Locations

Requested Stop *
Initial License Fee - $4,500.00, each additional vehicle - $2,500.00 each
Initial License Fee - $3,500.00, each additional vehicle - $1,500.00 each

Approvals and Acceptance

Approvals *
Contract and Payment *
Authorization *